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Hair Dryer Buying Guide

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Types of hair dryer

There are basically four types of hair dryer in India:

Ionic hair dryer : These types of hairdryers work on ionic techniques in which negative ions are produced and these negative ions help break down the positive charge of the water molecule and dry your hair without affecting your hair's moisture.

Ceramic  Hair Dryer: These types of hairdryers consists of ceramic or porcelain plates. Ceramic hair dryer emits infrared heat and negative ions, it dries your hair without any damage. The ceramic hair dryer heats up quickly.

Tourmaline Hair Dyer: These types of hairdryers are more effective and faster than other ionic or ceramic hair dryers. Tourmaline is a piezoelectric mineral that emits ions and infrared heat when some force is applied.

Titanium Hair Dryer: The heating coil in this type of hairdryer is made of titanium metal. The titanium hair dryer is faster than ionic, ceramic or tourmaline hair dryer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does hairdryer quality matter?

Yes, there no doubt, quality hair dryer matters. Quality hair dryers come with different levels of heat settings and some amazing features so that you can adjust the heat of airflow according to types of your hair. Using Cheaper hair dryers can damage your hair cuticles. To achieve the maximum result it is always best to use a quality hair dryer.

Are hairdryers safe?

Generally, hairdryers are safe for hair but it depends upon how much you use a hair dryer. Too much use of hairdryer without safety precautions can damage your hair. But there are a lot of quality hairdryers which are safe for hairs. If you want to minimize the likelihood of damaging your hair through the use of a hair dryer, then do not dry your hair completely with the dryer, but rather let the last bit of moisture dry naturally.

Can I use hair dryer daily?

Using a hairdryer on a daily basis can cause your hair to lose moisture and turn your beautiful hair into dry or brittle. A daily hair dryer will not have an effect on the natural growth of hair, but professionals will not recommend you to use a hair dryer regularly. It is necessary to give a break of a few days so that your hair can retain back moisture.

How do I choose a hairdryer?

Things to be consider when buying a Hair Dryer...

> Wattage of the hair dryer
> Weight and size of the Hair Dryer
> Foldable handle and hanging loop
> Hair Dryer Type or coil material
> Technology used
> Attachments compatibility
> levels of Heat Setting
> Cool shot Feature
> Length of the cord